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Soap Noodles - Overview

Soap Noodles is common raw material for all kinds of soaps. The manufacturers producing them by the saponification process of vegetable oils (Palm oil, coconut oil or animal fats) to get salts of fatty acid. Generally, soap manufacturers purchase these products and add their flavor, fragrances, pigments and other components to differentiate them from other brands. There are many different specifications for them, depending on the type of soap to be manufactured, e.g. toilet soap, laundry soap, translucent soaps, high-lather, medicated etc. 

soap noodles


Generally, they are used for industrial manufacturing process as the main ingredient for any kind of soap. You can find their applications everywhere in every house, in the form of branded soap.

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Soap Noodles - Product Grades

There are several types of soap noodles used in different specialties. We offer our best quality grades of soap noodles with complete grade description for your choosing. Select the best possible product of your liking and we will provide each grade’s specifications. 

Toilet Soap Noodles

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